forget me notsABOUT ME

So this is the page where I tell you a little bit about myself…

I love animals and would probably take in any animal who needs a home, well if I had the room! When I was a child I found a little sparrow who had fallen out of its nest. My mom and dad only agreed to let me keep it as they figured it wouldn’t be in this world very long. Boy were they surprised when my little “Chirpie” thrived under my care. This little bird traveled all the way from my home in Ontario to the East coast that summer. The bird would sit on my dogs back and travel throughout our house. Chirpie was released in a bird sanctuary in Nova Scotia. (I cried like a baby!)

I will never refuse a fine glass of red wine… hmmm yumm! Add dark chocolate and I’m in heaven. 🙂

I love the great outdoors and cannot be happier hiking with my loving, supportive husband and furry companions. They truly are mans best friend. I love to cook and LOVE pasta! Oh and how can I forget gardening! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my plants and flowers. I find gardening very therapeutic. In the summer you will often find me on my deck sitting on my swing surrounded by my plants and flowers. (with glass of red wine in hand of course!)

I am enjoying this blogging world although very new to it. It is very cool meeting friends from all over. The support and friendships that I have developed in the short time I have been blogging are amazing.

Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!

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